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Private Gallery Napier is so called, as it will be open by appointment to small groups and interested collectors.

The space belongs to artist couple Herman van Bon and Yvonne de Wit. Herman van Bon is a fine art photographer and will be selling exclusive prints (one per image) of his beautiful Haiku, Landscape- and Imaginary photographs and photo-graphics.

Yvonne de Wit is an exceptional talent. Her jewelry is comprised of different soils and rock dust which she fashions into silver and copper framed jewelry. Her pieces reflect the extraordinary colours found in the landscapes of South African and the continent. Her second line of designer jewelry is inspired by the global ‘steampunk’ movement.

If you wish to visit the gallery please arrange with the artists ahead of time via phone or email 🙂

BTW Online ordering is possible. See our Online Shop.

visitekaartje private gallery 2