Beyond Earth

There is a nice YouTube about it (link opens in new window).

It provides you with an insight of how Yvonne’s jewellery is made.



Buying local

Via social media we promoted locally to buy local ‘Designed and Made in Napier’ with the mention that all materials are from South Africa. And yes; the first villagers cam in the past few days to boy their Festive Season gifts.

Festive Season gifts

As mentioned in a previous posting the gallery is open daily (except 25 December) from 17 December to 7 January. We have some precious gifts on display and numerous (Overberg landscape) pictures in stock. It’s also possible to order online; click for jewellery here and for photography there. You are Welcome!


Now also on the map of Xplorio; a much visited website with ‘what-to-do’, ‘where-to-buy’ and ‘where-to-eat/sleep’ in the Overberg region in the Western Cape, South Africa.

See for yourself.

Going Dutch

For all the Dutch who want to explore the real South Africa >100 km beyond Cape Town there is In Wierden (Overijssel province). Marian and Douwe Baas annually check the different destinations and explore new ones. In their new guide with different routes our gallery ( is mentioned and soon, in the reception of their office, a huge print of ‘African Feet’.

Festive Season Opening Times

From Sunday 17 December to Sunday 7 January (except 25 December) the gallery will be open daily between 10 and 5 PM.

It’s Festive Season in South Africa and the time of the year that South Africans buy presents for themselves or for their loved ones. In addition to the ‘Down-to-Earth’ collection  in the Jewellery Online Shop , jewellery designer Yvonne de Wit is ‘redefining an era’ with a steampunk genre that repurpose found objects in a contemporary manner.


Landscape and fine art photographer Herman van Bon fills the walls with Overberg Landscapes and Photo-graphic Imaginaries. He also shows examples of different photo-processing techniques. On sale are also the last 4 photo books (out of a limited edition of 50) ‘Overberg Landscapes’ (A6 size with hardcover and in box) with over 30 land- and town-scapes; merely pictured in the past 12 months. Visitors also have the opportunity to order canvas prints in sizes A6 to A0. See also the photography online shop.

Second book: ‘Landscapes of the Overberg’

Today Herman’s second book (limited edition of 50 + 1 for ourselves) is published. The first one (‘Landscapes in and around Napier’) was virtually sold out in the pre-order phase. This second one (‘Landscapes in the Overberg’) is also running fast before published. Only 6 or 7 left but  we hope to sell at least one or two during the ‘Greyton Art Walk’ this weekend.

Here a few of the pictures.

This weekend at Greyton Art Walk

This weekend we present our jewellery and photographs at the Greyton Art Walk in Greyton, Western Cape, South Africa. Hope to see you all.

One of the new items in Yvonne’s collection is the ‘Wave of the Whale’. It’s a limited edition of necklaces made of South African (naturally bonded) crushed rock set in South African Sterling Silver. The piece is hand crafted with basic hand tools. Silver pellets were first melted and shaped in sheets before the painstaking process of bending (horizontally and vertically).

Besides the ‘Wave of the Whale’ Yvonne shows some other new designs next to the existing collection.


Herman shows his ‘African Feet’ next to a few Overberg landscapes on canvas (120 x 80cm) plus a photographic triptych of gargoyles. 

If all goes well at the printer he also launches his second book ‘Landscapes of the Overberg’ (46 of limited edition of 51 already pre-ordered). See previous posting.

New are also a few series of budget friendly pictures (set in maroon coloured passe-partout) of Overberg Landscapes for respectively R 200.00 and R 350.00.

See for yourself. You are welcome. During the weekend the Private Gallery in Napier is closed.