First version of new brochure

The final version of this brochure is designated for local accommodation owners. Not perfect (is it ever?) but we’ll appreciate your input.

brochure january 2019JPEG

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3 thoughts on “First version of new brochure

  1. It looks lovely. Ideas for a future print run –

    You’ll think this is daft, but I wasn’t sure whether I might not need an appointment.

    Our gallery at 98 Sarel Cilliers Street, Napier, 7270, is open by appointment. On arrival, ring the traditional push & pull bell for a warm welcome.
    Our gallery at 98 Sarel Cilliers Street, Napier, 7270, is open by appointment. However, if you ring the push & pull bell and Herman or Yvonne opens the door, you’ll be warmly welcomed.

    As it is for people staying a few days locally, you might mention how much notice they need to give you – something like:
    Appointments can often be agreed the same day.
    Please allow 24 hrs notice, if possible.
    Appointments can usually be arranged within 2-3 days.

    1. Thank you very much. We knew we had to improve the text; especially on that point you mentioned. Thank you sooo much for helping us out there!!! Whenever you’re in our neck of the woods feel very welcome. <3

  2. I did have a few other suggestions but shied away from making them as I can be a bit too full on in proofing mode! They are suggestions for tweaks to simplify the punctuation.

    Fine art photographer Herman van Bon’s lyrical portraits, landscapes, product and imaginery photography challenge and delight the onlooker.

    Change Tel.: 082 to Call 082…

    I think you should be able to list the website simply as:
    Most search engines will direct that to the https:// version, the secure one. You could test that to make sure it will work where you are. Otherwise add the s (https).

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