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“Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer.” ~Terri Guillemets

Second book: ‘Landscapes of the Overberg’

Today Herman’s second book (limited edition of 50 + 1 for ourselves) is published. The first one (‘Landscapes in and around Napier’) was virtually sold out in the pre-order phase. This second one (‘Landscapes in the Overberg’) is also running fast before published. Only 6 or 7 left but  we hope to sell at least one or two during the ‘Greyton Art Walk’ this weekend.

Here a few of the pictures.

This weekend at Greyton Art Walk

This weekend we present our jewellery and photographs at the Greyton Art Walk in Greyton, Western Cape, South Africa. Hope to see you all.

One of the new items in Yvonne’s collection is the ‘Wave of the Whale’. It’s a limited edition of necklaces made of South African (naturally bonded) crushed rock set in South African Sterling Silver. The piece is hand crafted with basic hand tools. Silver pellets were first melted and shaped in sheets before the painstaking process of bending (horizontally and vertically).

Besides the ‘Wave of the Whale’ Yvonne shows some other new designs next to the existing collection.


Herman shows his ‘African Feet’ next to a few Overberg landscapes on canvas (120 x 80cm) plus a photographic triptych of gargoyles. 

If all goes well at the printer he also launches his second book ‘Landscapes of the Overberg’ (46 of limited edition of 51 already pre-ordered). See previous posting.

New are also a few series of budget friendly pictures (set in maroon coloured passe-partout) of Overberg Landscapes for respectively R 200.00 and R 350.00.

See for yourself. You are welcome. During the weekend the Private Gallery in Napier is closed.


Book sales

Thanks to those who ordered one (or two). Distribution from tomorrow onwards. 28 Pictures of Napier and surrounds. Only 2 books left. Book in hardcover and in box. R 800.00 each.

Published in a limited edition of 51 including one for ourselves.  28 Pictures. Numbered and signed.

P.S. Within a few hours after sharing this post on social media the last two were also sold 😀 😀 😀

Limited edition of 10 prints at Saatchi Art

In co-junction with Saatchi Art in Los Angeles existing and potential customers in the USA have the opportunity to acquire  one of 10 prints  on high quality glycee paper of ‘African Feet’.

“In rural areas in Africa people adhere to traditional lifestyle. But Western influence is visible in details like the nail polish of the feet of an African woman in Malawi. This picture was exhibited at ‘The Invisible – Visible’ in Oslo in December 2016 and January 2017; an UNESCO-exhibition curated by ex-Prado (Madrid) curator Georgina Negrini.”

From the end of October the original canvas print (A0 size) is on view in our own Private Gallery.


46 sold and prints

In the few weeks time the photo book ‘Landscapes in and around Napier’ will be published in a limited edition of 51. 46 Books are already pre-ordered; 1 We keep for ourselves and the rest (4) for sale in our gallery. There will be no more prints. Price R 700.00 (approx. EURO 50.00).

The book, printed on 170 gsm NeoStar semi-matt paper contains 28 pictures; merely shot during this year.


During the Greyton Art Walk (17-19 November) Yvonne will present her jewelry and Herman a series of new prints set in passe-partout. Numbered series of 5 (40x30cm) each R 450.00 and series of 50 (23x19cm) each R 250. (1 EURO is approx. 15 Rand)

These series will also be on display in our gallery from the beginning of November.



Customer of today

As a relative young gallery, operating in a niche market, Private Gallery Napier is doing quite well. We don’t target quantity but quality; virtually every visitor (‘by appointment’) goes home with a purchase.

Today it was a couple from Randburg (Johannesburg) who spend a few hours in the gallery and we also invited them to one of our neighbors.  The couple, who own Choosy Travellers, knew about us via social media and, although they drove through Napier many times in the past, they never realized that there are so many things to do and to see such as the largest sundial of South Africa, the work of so many artists and crafts people, etc. etc.

Well, they now know and as soon as Napier (including our gallery and guest room) is on their website it’s also linked to around 10,000 followers, etc. on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Bronwen Evens (who gave a lecture about contemporary African Art with the opening of the Zeitz MOCAAMuseum in Cape Town) now introduces Private Gallery Napier to a global audience.…



It’s a strange world; the market for jewelry. When Yvonne started marketing her product marketeers advised her to target the age group between 20 and 30 yrs.


sold-to-an-84-yr-oldMost of her designer jewelry (>80%) ends up in the age groups 40 yrs and older. A good example is one of the gallery visitors this week: 84 yrs young coming over from George (about 350 km) by car and back home with a ring on one of her fingers.

Reason for buying: “It’s something different. I don’t want to have jewelry ‘from-13-in-a-dozen’. I rather have something special and original”

At Lourensford 2

The market at Lourensford Estate in Somerset-West turns out to be a growing success for Yvonne de Wit Jewellery Design and Art. This month Private Gallery Napier presented her work during the Friday Night edition of this market; from Sunday 1 October onwards it will be every Sunday. Already now we experience a nice spin-off of market visitors popping into our gallery (by appointment) and browsing in our online shop. And that includes jewellery for a wedding (including wedding rings) and event photography.

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