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Locally sourced photo model

Yesterday first test shoot with locally sourced model Zeta. It went well and we had a lot of fun.

Zeta shows merely the retro (#steampunk) range handmade of recycled plumbing material added with a few items of the #downtoearth #signature line.

BTW 1; most of the pictures are still not fully processed. 

BTW 2; We always source photo models locally

Photo Models

The past few years we have sourced our photo models (jewellery) locally. Yes there are some ‘gems’ living in Napier, South Africa. We continue to source them locally. Hopefully we are able to get a few ones for a new range of jewellery that will be launched during the Baardskeerdersbos Art Route 31 March and 1 april.

And from April onwards also in the UK

It took Deborah Digby of Fillingdon Fine Art quite sometime to make a selection. There was so much to choose from. In the end she left with a bag full of ‘Down-to-Earth’ jewellery designed and handcrafted by Yvonne. The UK-launch of Yvonne’s jewellery will be somewhere in April of this year.


For a German customer Yvonne designed and created a brooch.

There is only one.

Materials: South African Sterling Silver combined with natural bonded crushed rock/soil particles in different colours.



To London (UK) and to Greyton

A stylish design ring made of South African Sterling Silver combined with naturally bonded crushed rock particles went to a customer in London (UK) and the ‘Wave of the Whale’ (same materials) found a home in Greyton, South Africa.

Online shop Retro/Steampunk

At last…. we opened the third online shop. Next to the 2 existing (photography/down-to-earth-jewellery.

The new one highlights the Retro/Steampunk jewellery for which there is a growing interest amongst Tattoo Studios and Steampunk shops in South Africa and abroad.

Here a few examples of what you can find there:


The ‘Retro Line’

Besides the ‘Down-to-Earth’ range Yvonne de Wit also designs and created the ‘Retro Line’; re-using old plumbing material combined with other recyclable metals from diverse scrapyards. There is a growing interest in this jewellery range from tattoo and steampunk outlets within South Africa and abroad. Soon we will add an ‘Online Shop Retro‘ within this website. Have a preview: