Explore Napier

Most people traveling between the Southernmost Tip of Africa or Arniston and Cape Town drive through Napier without realizing that there could be something of interest for them. Indeed, the village looks a bit dull on first sight and it certainly does not attract the average ‘mass tourist’. explore napier VIDA

But for the travelers looking for something different the village certainly has something to offer except for some good eateries (Napier Farm Stall, Café Max, Gunners Mess, Pascals, Suntouched Inn, Moerse Padstal, etc.) and wine tasting (Vindigo).

There are, except for Private Gallery Napier, quite a few artists who make a living out of their work. Ask us  and we show you where.

Within 100 meters walk from our gallery there are:

  1.  The Toy Dockyard. It’s a small museum with vintage toys and owner Alan Raubenheimer (>90 yrs) still makes his own toys with hand tools.
  2. ‘Steamy’ Kevin Doveton handcrafts working miniature steam engines and exports them on a global scale.
  3. Nobunthu is a candle factory and the majority of the candles also find their way overseas.
  4. Leon Visser of the ‘Militaria Museum’ and his wife Adriana also make chess boards for which there is a national and international demand.


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