All jewelry pieces and photographs are online available. Only one print per image. Some photographs (see also blog) are already sized and framed. Others still need printing which means that you can decide on desired sizes and framed or not.

Prices (in South African Rand) exclude packing and posting which differs per destination and product. Exchange rates (approx.): 1 USD = 14 Rand; 1 EURO = 15 Rand.

Please feel free to contact us. We prefer direct contact with our (potential) customers.

Payments per EFT and PayPal. Within the EU no bank charges for EFT.



All pictures are printed on highest (museum) quality 300gsm Fuji paper with an UV-resistance of approx. 200 years.

Price indication prints (not framed): 40x30cm R 1500.00 (approx. EURO 100). 60x40cm R 3000.00 (approx. EURO 200.00). 90x60cm R 5000.00 (approx. EURO 340.00). 120x80cm R 9000.00 (approx. EURO 600.00).


See captions pictures.