Annual report 2018

We are no bookkeepers but are very much aware that ‘measuring is knowledge’ so we keep track of everything including demographics, etc. etc.

In 2018 Private Gallery Napier tripled the turnover in comparison with 2017and for this (third) year we hope to double it. That’s excluding online sales via sites in Europe and the USA.

25 Percent of the gallery visitors came from abroad and the rest from South Africa. 7 Percent discovered us via social media and the rest via word-of-mouth (friends, regional accommodation owners, etc.)

The number of visitors doubled (more sales per average visitor). Since the gallery is open ‘by appointment’ (with exceptions such as public holidays, festive season, etc.) 90% of the visitors buy!!! And we also have return buyers visiting with (buying) friends/family which is a good sign.

Interesting are the age groups; many people have the perception that our market is UNDER 40. 78% of our customers is older than 40 (in 2017 81%). Remarkable is the growing interest from the local agricultural world.

Most customers from our own region pay cash; beyond the radius of about 75km mostly per EFT, Credit Card or Snapscan. Most used payment method (after cash) is Snapscan with 18% followed by EFT (13%) and Credit Card (7%)

In the course of this year we will invest in greenery in front of the gallery (98 Sarel Cilliers Street in Napier =main road; 150 meters pass the church towards Bredasdorp) which will make the building a bit more attractive from the outside.

Customer of today

As a relative young gallery, operating in a niche market, Private Gallery Napier is doing quite well. We don’t target quantity but quality; virtually every visitor (‘by appointment’) goes home with a purchase.

Today it was a couple from Randburg (Johannesburg) who spend a few hours in the gallery and we also invited them to one of our neighbors.  The couple, who own Choosy Travellers, knew about us via social media and, although they drove through Napier many times in the past, they never realized that there are so many things to do and to see such as the largest sundial of South Africa, the work of so many artists and crafts people, etc. etc.

Well, they now know and as soon as Napier (including our gallery and guest room) is on their website it’s also linked to around 10,000 followers, etc. on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Usually I don’t submit finished pictures to social media; only partly processed. This one however is a finalized picture of a night sky with the ‘River without End’ (Riviersonderend) mountains at the horizon. Approx. 30 Kilometer from the spot where I took this picture.

It’s one of the pictures I will exhibit in the Private Gallery. It was shot about 90 minutes before the sun came up. Clearly visible is the ground mist coming up.


The power of social media

Yesterday we (me and Yvonne) published a photograph on Facebook and we let it go viral (26 shares) and guess what? Within 10 hours sold to an European collector. As usual: only one (framed) print per image. In the meantime preparations for the official opening (first weekend of April and only for invitees) are making our lives quite hectic for we have also our own work to do. The gallery will  be open on appointment. One of our markets is the tourism stream that passes along our premises between Cape Town and Cape Agulhas (Southernmost tip of the African Continent). Already now we experience quite some interest from overseas tour operators and local tour guides; partly thanks to a targeted approach on social media and partly a direct approach added with word-of-mouth.

Prices of the jewellery (South African Sterling Silver combined with naturally bonded soil-/crushed rock particles vary from R 350.00 to R 1250.00.

The framed photographs, most of them in 40x30cm suitcase format but also up to 80x60cm for the big suitcases, vary from R 2000.00 to R 9000.00. There are also small prints in numbered series of 10 (R 300.00 each) and ‘Explore Napier’ postcards (see picture) for R 20.00. One EURO is approx. 14 to 15 Rand.

explore napier VIDA