After a period of relative inactivity …

…  Herman started to experiment with transforming macro photographs of insects into ‘photo-graphics’ using different processing techniques and with different processing software programs. All  integrated textures, graphics etc. are his own.


In addition to serving as spouts for water in ancients times, the gaping mouths of #gargoyles evoked the fearsome destructiveness of these #legendary #beasts, reminding the laity of the need for the (Roman Catholic) church’s protection. A previous owner of our house added them to keep #evil #spirits out.
Original #photographs in black and white. Did some reduction so that only the outlines were left. Next I added #textures and #elements from other pictures plus coloring in-painting and drawing. The end result is what I call ‘photo-graphics’.
Only 1 framed print (60 x 40 cm) per image available at #Private #Gallery in #Napier, Western Cape, South Africa.triple-earthwindfireWEB